Composite Bathrooms

The surfaces of HKF America's prefabricated bathrooms can be made with FRP (fiber-reinforced polymer) , GRP (glass reinforced plastic) or SMC (sheet moulding composite). All surfaces can be coated with a high quality gel resin allowing for a high glossy finish or mat finish with texture or patterns.

All our bathroom products are CE, VTT and EOTA certified with the highest quality and have a life time quality guarantee.

The light weight, high strength FRP/GRM/SMC materials allow prefabricated bathrooms to be delivered flat packed or completely preassembled. In a renovation project where an old building has been converted for other uses, flat packed FRP panels are usually the optimal solution. The light weight FRP panels can be carried into place individually without heavy machinery or special entrances. Once all FRP walls, floor, ceiling panels and bathroom accessories are in place, a complete bathroom unit can be easily installed by two trained installers in four to five hours.

Flat packed FRP panels arrive at work site

FRP wall panels carried into work place and installed

Flat packed bathroom installed

Flat packed FRP bathroom unit finished

Finish bathroom with gypsum board

Finished FRP bathroom installed in position, all plumbing, ventilation connected. Notice aluminum frames are preassembled

Preassembled FRP bathroom unit hoist into location with complete plumbing, electrical, ventilation and gypsum wall preassembled. This type of bathroom POD is optimal for new building projects