Tile Bathrooms

HKF America's most advanced product is the flat packed prefabricated bathroom, while pod-type prefabricated bathrooms are available upon request flat packed prefabricated bathrooms enable easy and low cost shipping allowing HKF America to serve international customers anywhere in the world. Flat packed prefabricated bathrooms are loaded into seaworthy containers and easily transported to our customers' construction site. Upon arrival, prefabricated bathroom wall panels, floor panels and accessories, such as, toilets and basins are installed piece by piece (similar to IKEA furniture). For more information regarding how the bathrooms are transported and installed please see the "Installation" page.

HKF America 's advanced prefabricated technology allows a full range of tiling materials. This enables HKF America to provide our products to a wide range of projects, such as, luxury hotel projects, luxury residential projects, low cost housing projects, student housing projects and economic hotel projects.

A list of surface materials for tiling, and pictures of HKF America's current and previous projects are posted below.

  • Ceramic tiles
  • Porcelain tiles
  • Marble or natural stone tiles
  • Quartz or mosaic tiles
  • Glass tiles

Five star marble tiled prefabricated bathroom

Ceramic tile and finnish wood panel prefabricated bathroom

Prefabricated bathroom with porcelain tile

Prefabricated bathroom for luxury residential apartments with porcelain tile wall and quartz tile floor

Prefabricated bathroom for hospitals and retirement homes with fiber glass walls and porcelain floors

Four star prefabricated bathroom with porcelain tile on both walls and floor