HKF America is your turn-key complete solution provider. We offer project planning, complete logistics solutions and onsite installation with our in-house professional installers. HKF America also takes full responsibility for final finishing and after sale services of our bathrooms.

Planning and Complete Customization


HKF America provides complete logistics service for our clients. We take full responsibility for our bathrooms from the manufacturing floor to the customer's construction site anywhere in the world.

Loading bathroom panels into a container at our manufacturing facility

Bathroom panels arrive at the construction site


One of the most important parts of HKF America's commitment to our customers is the installation service by HKF America's local professional installation team.

A great advantage for our clients is, to have the bathroom creator perform the entire installation work for the bathrooms. Single point of contact and complete contractual responsibility limits the client's risk and greatly simplifies the bathroom procurement and installation process.

Installation of FRP bathrooms in Finland

Installation of ceramic tile bathrooms in China

Installation of porcelain tile bathroom in Saudi Arabia

Installation of porcelain tile bathroom in India

Cost Reduction Solutions

Minimum height difference from the unfinished concrete floor slab to our prefabricated bathroom floor is 65 mm. It is recommended to make a floor depression of at least 65mm. If it is not possible to make a floor depression a floorless prefabricated model is recommended

Obstacle free access between the room floor and the floor of the bathroom


In order to complete our prefabricated bathroom installation work, HKF America also takes on finishing the exterior walls of the prefabricated bathroom. We offer a complete solution to the entire "bathroom space" for our customers. Such a complete solution allows for better control of the project schedule, reduces client's risk, and also ensures a simplified construction site management process for our customers.

Prefabricated bathroom's exterior gypsum wall is painted and finished with wooden plinth.












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