HU International is the equity partner of HKF America AB. HU International has a wide range of products and services that expand over North America, Europe, CIS and Asia.

SKANSKA, is a multinational construction and development company based in Sweden; it is also the largest construction company in Sweden. SKANSKA has turnover of $20 billion USD, with 58, 000 employees around the world. HKF America is in cooperation with SKANSKA America Division in residential construction projects throughout North America.

Shook Construction is a major construction company based in the US Midwest with completed projects in 11 states. It is one of the top 400 contractors in the United States. HKF America is cooperating with SKANSKA-Shook with prefabricated bathrooms for hospitals in the USA.

The University of Helsinki (Finnish: Helsingin yliopisto) is a university located in Helsinki, Finland established in 1829. It is the oldest and largest university in Finland with the widest range of disciplines available. Around 38,000 students are currently enrolled in the degree programs of the university spread across 11 faculties and 11 research institutes. In 2009 HKF America completed phase I of a University student accommodation project producing 90 prefabricated bathroom units.

Uponor is a pan-European manufacturer of heating and plumbing. The company has approximately 3,680 employees. Uponor manufactures pipes using PEX material amongst many other items. Uponor is a supplier of PP and PEX pipes for HKF America's projects in the EU.

Sähkö-Aro a specialist in, installing and maintaining electrical, telecommunications and computer networks. It is one of the largest contractors in Finland. Sähkö-Aro is a partner, who supplies, a electrical components for HKF America's prefabricated bathrooms.

Intertek Group PLC is a worldwide provisionary of quality and safety services. In 2009 Intertek had a global work force of 23,000 people and turnover of one British Pounds. Intertek is an independent quality and safety inspector for HKF America . New and current products are also subject to Intertek's inspection as well as laboratory testing in such areas as water tightness and structural strength.

VTT (Valtion Teknillnen Tuktimuskeskus) which translates to, "governmental technical research centre" is the world's foremost and most comprehensive quality certification authority on prefabricated bathrooms. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is a non-profit research organization and the largest multi-technological applied research organisation in Northern Europe. VTT provides high-end technology solutions and innovation services. HKF America recieved updated VTT's technical and quality certification in 2009. Our new line of products' quality standards are significantly higher compared to our competitors As a result, HKF America recieved an impressive recommendation from VTT.

Posten Express is a daughter company of Posten AB Sweden with 30,000 employess and 25 billion SEK in turnover. PEX provides logistic as well as warehousing services in Norway, Sweden and Finland for HKF America .

Odebrecht is a Brazilian conglomerate and the largest construction company in Brazil. It is represented in South America, Central America, North America, the Caribbean, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. It has a turnover of 34 Billion USD and more than 130,000 employees. HKF America is in advanced discussions with Odebrecht’s PPA for school construction, world Cup projects as well as Olympic related accommodation projects.












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