Steel Framed Prefabricated Bathrooms

The steel framed bathroom is one of the most popular products that we offer at HKF America. It is a reliable, strong, and cost effective bathroom that fits most customer's needs. A steel framed bathroom is classic and the most common type of prefabricated bathroom. It is a good fit for new building projects where bathrooms can be hoist in as a pod. While steel framed bathrooms are flexible in design, size and style, it is limited to the "hoist in" method as a bathroom pod. However HKF offers many new residential and commercial types of bathroom units which can be assembled on site without the need to hoist the bathroom units as pods, and still use steel framed construction. Most commonly, steel framed prefabricated bathrooms are built with galvanized steel frames or aluminum frames. Within the frames is gypsum board (dry wall) as the base for tile or mosaic surfaces.

Steel framed bathroom pod complete with gypsum wall (bottomless type)

Steel framed prefabricated bathrooms being installed

Steel framed bathroom pipes are checked before being connected and moved into the final position